WOD: 6-4-12


Strength: Back Squat:

1×5 70%
1×4 80%
1×2 90%
1×1 103%

WOD: For maximum reps in one attempt:

Thrusters (95/65)
Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
Hollow Rocks
Push Jerk (95/65)
Toes to Bar.

2 minutes rest between efforts.


Dear Back Squat cycle,

It seems like just 12 weeks ago we started you.  You were always there on Mondays when we needed you.  It seemed like I was never going to get any stronger doing you only once a week.  It seemed like Mondays with you were not as worthwhile as Tuesdays when I use to drill, do, work…practice the Snatch.  Now I am pleased because of my time with you, I have gotten much stronger.  And even though I haven’t always gone below parallel, my heart was in the right place.

Love always,


But that is not all!!!  These blurbs foretold that we would cover some pointers of CrossFit competition.  This is both for the inspired and the uninspired…enjoy me yelling at you!

  • The first rule of competing in CrossFit:  you sign up…as in now.

New England Fire Breather Festival

CFP Eye of the Storm

Beast of the East

If the only way you are going to run a 5k is by buying that outfit and then signing up for it right?  Well you better start trying on some new shirts now, because these competitions do sell out.  One of the bigger competitions dubbed “The Garage Games” has not been yet posted, but look for it on the site.

  • Rule number dos:  stop wasting time.

There is valuable time lost in transitions and the May Baseline was a great example of this.  The workout took an athlete from a rower, to a bar, to a box, and back to the rower.  With that in mind I have two questions…

  1. How many times did you get chalk to do those 12 deadlifts?
  2. How often are you walking away from your box during the 21 Box Jumps?

Not a whole lot of time is spent on just one round, but for three rounds, those transitions can turn into minutes of powerless time.  This carries over into all other WODs out there.  I understand that rest and breathing are necessary to live, but wasting time is not.  If you are going to be resting, rest.  There is seldom a need to walk around spending energy that should be given to the WOD.  Everyone here (whether you want to compete or not) is here to get better.  By pushing yourself past the limits of your comfort is how you will accomplish this.

Transitions, specifically referring to getting chalk or walking away from your equipment, are things that should be fixed before the WOD and not during.  Be sure to either have straps (in case of Pull Ups) ready to go or chalk up before the workout (in fact too much chalk is actually bad…look it up!).  As far as walking away from your equipment goes or even turning away from it, just don’t do it.  Minds would be lost if Rajon Rondo or any other player just turned away from the opposing player just because he was tired.  This is as much physical as it is mental, so it is time to work both ends of the formula.  In the end, both mind and body will be happier.

I only yell because I love you,




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